Your simple content management system


In the ever-evolving world of web development, simplicity and efficiency take center stage. Introducing PSL-CMS, a lightweight PHP Content Management System designed for a seamless user experience without the hassle of installation. Built to run on SQLite, this innovative CMS allows you to manage your web content effortlessly by simply copying the folder to your web server.

Streamlined Content Management, No Installation Required

PSL-CMS redefines simplicity by eliminating the need for installation procedures. With a unique approach, users can get started immediately by copying the PSL-CMS folder to their web server. This hassle-free setup means you spend less time configuring and more time focusing on your content.

SQLite-Powered Performance

Embracing the power of SQLite, PSL-CMS offers a database solution that requires no external server. This ensures a seamless experience for users, without compromising on performance. Enjoy the benefits of a lightweight database engine that effortlessly manages your content, allowing your website to run smoothly and efficiently.

Key Features

1. Zero-Installation Workflow

PSL-CMS breaks free from traditional installation processes. By simply copying the CMS folder to your web server, you can instantly begin managing your content. This streamlined approach puts the emphasis on content creation rather than setup complexities.

2. User-Friendly Interface

Navigate PSL-CMS with ease through its intuitive and user-friendly interface. The uncomplicated dashboard empowers users to create, edit, and organize content effortlessly, making it an ideal solution for individuals and small businesses.

3. SQLite Simplicity

The integration of SQLite simplifies the data management process. PSL-CMS leverages SQLite's capabilities, providing a reliable and efficient database solution without the need for additional server configurations.

4. Responsive Design

PSL-CMS doesn't compromise on the importance of responsive design. Your website will adapt seamlessly to various devices, ensuring an optimal viewing experience for your audience, all while maintaining the simplicity of its setup.

Getting Started in Seconds

With PSL-CMS, the user experience begins from the moment you copy the folder to your web server. There's no need for lengthy installations or complex configurations. Comprehensive documentation ensures that both beginners and experienced developers can start managing web content effortlessly.


PSL-CMS stands as a beacon of simplicity in the realm of web content management. By combining a zero-installation approach with the power of SQLite, it provides a hassle-free solution for users who value efficiency without sacrificing functionality. Experience the ease of content management with PSL-CMS, where simplicity meets performance, and your content takes center stage from the moment you copy the folder to your web server.